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random udpate

sorry, i haven’t been more chatty. i don’t get much time to sit in front of the computer to pour my feelings out. i also haven’t been very crafty or anything. the dogs are doing great and the house is in a decent state.
we’re planning for our labor day party, so some more cleaning will happen in the next couple weeks. we have the menu down, i think, but it’s in matt’s notebook so i can’t share it with you cuz i don’t have it memorized.
we might be adopting another budgie this evening. a friends’ friend has a new cat in the house and it’s tormenting their 5-year old green parakeet… named davinci. so, we’ll have three birds named after two dead italian guys. that’s kinda neat.
luckily, we just got marco and polo a new cage that they’ve settled in nicely. they took about a week to warm to it, but that seems to be the length of time for them to warm to anything. hopefully the older bird doesn’t get annoyed at the young whipper-snappers.