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Random Musings

I was lamenting to a friend last night how I wasn’t blogging so often because I just don’t have anything of import to say. He said that’s not the point of blogs, as far as he understood it. So here I go: This week has been pretty uneventful. A few things happened that aren’t to be made public. I bought a bike on Sunday and haven’t taken it for a ride yet. My first of two slippers are almost knit up. Bob’s hat is about 1/3 knit up. I find that Columbian flavored Steep ‘n Brew sticks to the inside of my grinder and it pisses me off. I’m all out of “it’s not just for hippies anymore” buttons and have to order some more bits, print some more out and wreck my hands making more because everyone loves them. The caf� manager made a personalized lunch special for me yesterday. Stir Fry with your choice of chicken or tofu and a vegetarian egg roll; it was pretty good. My lunch buddy is in Chicago on a photoshoot. That’s all, folks.