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quiet, you!

i’ve not a whole lot to report. except that we’ve been playing fallout 4 with much gusto.

additionally, i’m putting myself on a strict no-delivery diet. i’ve had enough poor experiences with burrito drive, spent too much money on salad from glass nickel, and don’t need to pay $15 for curried vegetables from bandung (all of these restaurants are great and i like to support local businesses, but i need to stop doing it every night).

so, i started a food diary and haven’t ordered delivery since saturday night. to most regular humans, this probably sounds ridiculous. but, i’m lazy and work a lot and have about three hours a night at home after work before bed and i want to turn that time into something enjoyable in the kitchen instead of dreading spending time making food. of course, i’ll still keep a couple frozen amy’s pizzas around in case i’m exhausted, but for the most part, i want to plan meals that i can eat several days a week.

i’ve already replicated glass nickel’s acropolis salad, for half the price, and bandung’s veggie curry for probably a quarter of the price, and half the sugar.

matt and i are planning a meal schedule for february, but i decided to start early.