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productive weekend

i feel like we got a lot done this weekend. on friday, i had a haircut and came home to beat my computer into submission to let me log into my work computer. i had it working a couple months ago, but it seemed to have stopped. with no documentation or help from work’s helpdesk, i figured out what program needed to be updated and my mood was instantly transformed from surly to elated.
on saturday, we grabbed some grub and a dog and came home to dog sit for the evening.
matt cleaned and rearranged the bedroom while i picked up the first floor, did laundry, did a load of dishes, and caulked the tub!
there was an accident while we were at the grocery store, and we’re not quite sure what carl got into, but i think he ate some cat presents… along with the wheat litter. apparently he made quite the mess at his home the next morning. :/
for dinner on saturday, we made clam linguini and i threw in some tomatoes from our garden that i had frozen; it was delicious.
yesterday, i met mom and geo for breakfast and came home to make more salads in jars, dal soup, and spritz cookies!