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the reason i don’t feel like putting up with much today is cuz we had an awfully full sunday, and it was a good time. i woke up bright and early at 8, hopped in the shower, got kurt up and went to brunch with mom and geo at the esbma on monona drive (it wasn’t as good as nauti-gal, but it’s closer and cheaper). then we braved woodman’s at 11 on a sunday. it wasn’t terrible. then we got home and i power-cleaned the ferret room.. they’re only about 40% potty trained; while doing laundry. then i walked out into the livingroom and said “bike ride?”, so we got our bikes out of the basement and took a mini-ride over to kipp and back on the bikepath. then we sat outside gabbing with neighbors and friends. at about 3, we went to the brass ring which is a really beautifully decorated pool hall/bar adjacent to the high noon saloon. we played pool and table-shuffleboard until almost 6, when we left for bob’s apt (above the >tavern) for texas hold ’em. i was | | this close to getting second, but it was getting tired.. so i was done by about 8. came home, nuked some enchiladas and tried to finish the
i think kurt and i finally went to bed around 11. fifteen hours of non-stop action. that’s why i didn’t come into work til 9:45 this a.m.