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pretty okay, for the most part

on thursday, i hung out with my old boss and now friend, russell. he’s also recently going through a breakup. so we got to commiserate a little and that was nice.

i worked from home on friday because i had a meeting on the east side of town at 1, so it didn’t seem worth it to interrupt the workday with two bike rides. my cabin fever was a little high by 5 and i needed to get out. i didn’t want to go to mickey’s, since friday happy hours can sometimes be annoying, plus they had a pop-up event that would draw even more people than normal. i ended up at wilson’s even though i thought friday night fish fry during lent would have meant they were going to be packed, but they weren’t. i got to see mack and justin; justin even came around the bar to give me a hug! i hung out for a short while but then needed to get home to feed the dogs.

saturday morning, i biked downtown to meet P&M for brunch at the tipsy cow. unfortunately, the really nice but too-young-for-me bartender wasn’t working. we had a nice visit anyhow. i came home and played fallout for a short while and then cabbed out to the wisco to meet colin and kevin. i was about a half hour early so i sat in the back near the dart boards and two construction worker guys gravitated over my way. we had a good laugh about nothing in particular; it was obvious they’d been there for longer than they should have been.

colin and kevin showed up and then russell was a surprise visit that i didn’t tell them about. we had a nice chat and i was glad to see colin again; it had been since i got laid off (nearly four years ago).

i stayed for a bit after they all dispersed, mostly to avoid coming home to an empty house. i was glad that i cabbed because it was about 33° and rainy, but i don’t care for the added expense. i guess one pays for convenience.

sunday i woke up around 2 am and couldn’t fall back to sleep until maybe 7 but then got up at 8 anyway. i biked down to mickey’s for brunch and socializing and then came home, went to woodman’s, cleaned up the house a bit, and started in on some more fallout.

matt and i had made plans for him to come over to play magic and get food, so that was still on. he messaged me that he would be over shortly before 4. we cuddled a little on the couch and then played magic like nothing was different.

over the weekend, merle had developed an impacted anal gland and wasn’t having any of it, so i called my vet tech friend who suggested a warm compress. i added epsom salt to the warm water and, took a break from cards to work on this task. it didn’t take long before it opened up and, while it was pretty gross, she immediately calmed down about it.

we finished up the game and the food showed up. we ate while watching a funny show on amazon:  catastrophe (it’s really good. if you have amazon prime, watch it).

as soon as we were done eating, he got up and left.

and i stood in the living room and bawled.