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a while ago, i ordered some Griffin EarJams. these puppies attached to the factory iPod earbuds to increase bass and deliver improved sound. so, i ordered them mid-september.. the product page claimed they’d be shipping by the end of september. to make a long story short, they kept changing the ship date until, early nov, it said “now shipping”. in the middle of all this, i emailed their customer service (which, by the way, is the opposite of those two words) asking if everything was still on track to ship end of sept cuz i couldn’t wait to hear them! the only response i got was “yes.” so i wait and wait until it says “now shipping!” so i emailed them again. “did you lose my order? just checking.” no response. until 3 days after that, my card was charged and 2 days after that, they arrive.
they’re shite. if you know anyone who thinks they want to support one more of griffin’s stupid iPodified products, tell them to go buy some sony in-ear phones.