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I’m just an ornery cuss today. I swear, by the time I’m 30, this wrinkle in my forehead is going to be a mile deep. Today’s Problem #1: We get these “free papers” that no one reads tossed onto the front porch. I’m not sure what they are selling, but it looks like mostly auto adverts. Anyhow, I believe the two copies (one for each unit) were delivered on Friday. I brought ours in on Saturday and put the paper in our “too be recycled” pile. On Sunday, the neighbor’s was still on the porch, only it had mysteriously been moved in front of our door. Thinking a point could be assumed, I moved it back over in front of their door on Monday. This morning, as I leave the house, it’s almost falling off the porch as far from their door (and subsequently close to ours) as it can be. So, I put it directly in front of their door and tape a note to it, “We already got ours, thanks though! :)” Think they’ll get it?