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i stayed home yesterday cuz i couldn’t sleep all night; i thought it was due to a migraine, but this morning my sinuses are clogged and draining in an alternating fashion that makes my head feel heavy.
i can’t stay home again though, there’s too many little things going on at work… i feel like i’ve been piled upon for a while now, but not sure there’s much i can do about it. it’s the nature of our business and the medium on which i work.
i am looking forward to this weekend. i took monday off so i can enjoy halloween without people. it’s one of the top three amateur holidays… i wish matt didn’t have to work. he’s probably going to hate it. we still need to get supplies to make a severed head necklace. maybe we can do that on friday… i wish there was a locally owned crafty-type store on atwood; maybe that’s my calling. not a yarn-only or fabric-only, but all sorts of crafty stuff; like a miniature wisconsin craft market.