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with all of my offline documenting, i’ve been neglecting the blog again.

my first run was a success! i couldn’t get the g.d. app on my watch to keep going when it went to sleep, so i didn’t get a count of my time, but i think that might have been a blessing in disguise, cuz i really didn’t want to know.

it was pretty warm by the time the 3K folks got to the start line, but a lot of the route was shaded, so it wasn’t unbearable.

i had biked there and back, so i got 11 miles in on a saturday that i normally would have been just tooling around the house, so that was a bonus.


i’ve found a new favorite pen for my bujo; the muji .38. it’s a gel, but it’s so sharp that you really can’t tell. and, i can write super tiny, so i’m less concerned about how much space to designate for each day.

i’m diggin’ the journal anyway. i go back and forth between setting up a month’s worth of weekly layouts and just doing week-by-week in order to make little modifications. for example, last week, i haphazardly added step tracking and if i had july all done, it would have been haphazard the whole rest of the month. this way, i was able to incorporate it into the layout (it’s the chuck-taylor-looking shoe icon under the music notes).

we went camping the weekend before my run, and i still need to post about that. it’s a to-do in the journal but hasn’t made it off the to-do and on the to-done.