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last night’s dream was weird, or maybe it was this morning. anyway.
i was with matt at our friends’ new pizza place, grampa’s pizzeria at a table (which is weird, cuz we usually like to belly up to the bar, if there is one) and for some reason i was looking at the underside of the table and found a button. matt kept telling me it was just a sensor that would make this high-pitched buzzing sound when the table was tilted so the staff would know that they need to to fix wobbly tables (note to self, awesome idea!) and i insisted that it was also a button. so i pressed it.
a little red light on a board in the kitchen (which was also the bar, in my dream) went off, so i pressed the button again and yelled to gil, “sorry! i was just messing around!” and he responded with, “fine! i’ll find something on the menu that no one orders and get it out to you.” which is apparently what the button is for? i don’t remember.
the next part of the dream brought us out back (there is a huge yard behind grampa’s) but next door was a feline rescue place owned by your typical east side lesbians. they were having a sort of cat yard sale in their back yard. blankets were set out with cats and kittens hanging out. they tried to get us to come over and look but i said, “no more feet!”, which is our current household rule.
things got a little fuzzy after this. and then i think i woke up.