Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


so there’s this tiny little muscle in your bum that attaches to your pelvis and wraps around your hip joint. it’s called the piriformis (pear-shaped, in latin). somewhere in there, the sciatic nerve runs from your back, near this muscle, and all the way down to your toes.
because of the inflammation of this stupid muscle, my foot has been numb and tingly since last monday. in the morning, i can barely extend my leg to depress the gas pedal… switching from gas to brake is painful, and i hope i don’t ever have to do it quickly. i’ve been taking one ibuprofen in the morning after eating a banana cuz mom said not to take it on an empty stomach. and i’ve been taking 5mg of cyclobenzaprine before bed so i can sleep at least til 4.
i have some software on my work computer that tells me to take a 5 minute break every 50 minutes… during which i should be performing my physical therapy exercises but the software allows you to skip the breaks; which i do with quite a bit of frequency.
we watched the entire first season of the walking dead this weekend. it’s pretty good! unfortunately, netflix isn’t cable, so we have to wait quite a while for season two.
we’ve made a friend at takumi, he appears to be the only male waitstaff and he took a shining to matt a couple weeks ago. his name is nguyen and i find it interesting how the societal differences between his culture and ours make it so he never did ask my name, and he doesn’t address or look at me when we’re there. however, he has made a deal with matt that we get a boat every time we go, no matter the amount we order:
also, alex likes to lay in my spot when i leave in the morning, but since it was saturday, i was still in bed. so he laid on me:
and, one thing i’m pretty proud of with the pups, is that they know to stop at the end of the bridge into the park so we can check for humans and other dogs before continuing. yesterday, they looked so sweet. so i said, “smile?” and they tried:
those of you with pets are probably aware of the myriad of nicknames that can come up… we have lots of them, but my most recent for nora is “dooty mcbootle”.