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*warning* gratuitous animal pictures will follow!
on sunday, i decided that it had been too long since we took the dogs to garver on a walk, so we trekked through the park and down starkweather drive, where there’s a little path that goes up to the train tracks and over the creek by olbrich and back down behind the garver feed mill.
we got all the way to where it picks up and comes out on fair oaks, and i realized that the city uses that space as a place to put snow in the winter. and it wasn’t snow anymore, it was one big puddle… so we had to go all the way around the outside, right by the creek, and navigate through dead trees and straw, just so my feet wouldn’t get wet.
jones got to show off his climbing skills, tho:

it was so nice out this weekend, that we had the front door open for a little while. i caught almost all of the cats in one shot:
and nero is getting more and more brave. this is him in martin’s spot under the coffee table:
burnie is also warming up to us, she will sit right next to me on the couch.
also, i made bean burgers for lunches this week, but they didn’t hold together enough for my liking. my lunch table was a mess yesterday, so i decided that an emergency soup was in order. i had a “kleen pak soup mix” from the last grocery trip to use up, and some extra celery (pro-tip: store celery in tin foil, not in the bag it came in—it will last for weeks). so i chopped and threw all of this into my medium slow cooker with two bouillon cubes, and now i have soup for the rest of the week!