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it’s been a little while, but only cuz i’ve been busy at both home and work.

firstly, i didn’t bike for a whole week because of weather, appointments, and general malaise (i worked from home last thurs & fri). so when i got on the bike this monday, it was great! except by the time i got done with my double-ride on wednesday, my back and neck were killing me. never again will i skip more than three days biking.

anyhoo, i’ve got a lot of food porn to share, so brace yourselves.


the above is a snap of the spicy shrimp tacos that i told you about earlier. i also get a kick out of our difference in arrangement.

up next is our attempt at chicken and waffles. when my gramma and her late husband moved into the assisted living home, they had to downsize quite a bit, so i inherited his waffle maker. so it went into the basement with all the other kitchen stuff that i don’t use or have room for, until i pulled it out and had to do a bit of surgical cleaning. we have a few changes for next time, like, use more batter and fry less hot. and i need to up my gravy game cuz it doesn’t *look* especially good, but it was tasty.

chicky chicky waffle

not wanting the audience to get sick of roasted chicken and veggies, we opted for curried chicken and veggies (yes, i get the irony), and i’m glad we did.

simmering cauliflower, potatoes, and chicken in a delicious sauce.
over jasmine rice

ground turkey makes a wonderful taco meat! who knew?

costco ground turkey tacos

and finally (for food pics, anyway) the turkey sweet potato chili from goop. 

we also had to make a mounds run this last weekend for dog food, and decided that jones needed a new squeaky toy. before we got there, i had hoped to find some sort of reptile, but a green octopus was the closest we got. his name is gregory.

jones with gregory

that’s all from me for a little bit. thanks for reading.