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that was, quite possibly, the most productive weekend in a long time. it was practically non-stop from the moment i got home on friday until about seven last night. we tore down the bedroom, moved it into the front room, washed the walls and ceiling and threw two coats of primer on the red walls.
then proceeded to the glass nickel for dinner and wilson’s for celebratory drinks; at which point we were just drunk enough to participate in karaoke. matt and i sang “long legged, guitar pickin’ man”. i can’t believe it.
we went to mickey’s for breakfast on saturday, then headed home to start the rest of the painting. i think we worked on it for about 6 hours before the lack of daylight made it obvious that we needed to stop.
on sunday, i slept in and finished the edging and touched up a bit. monday, we put the room back together and now we’re all cozy in our new bedroom.
we decided to turn the front bedroom into a “soft craft” room. it’s well-lit enough for sewing and yarn storage. i also want to keep drawing and painting supplies up there. it’ll make the officeden seem less crowded, i think.
next projects: curtains for bedroom, shelves for the bedroom that don’t look as cheap as the ones in the den, basement clean up (to make room for a work area), light installation in kitchen, herb planting (matt got me an indoor greenhouse and seeds so we can have fresh herbs all the time!).
also, we got the great idea to make pho for dinner last night, and it really didn’t turn out very well at all. i got a little more upset than i should have, but it took over an hour to make and i was disappointed. one good thing came out of it, though. i successfully fried tofu for the first time ever, so it’ll be nice to add that to my meals.
also, too! we want to get a chest freezer so we can store herbs; we’d also like to can this year and use the cistern room for food storage.
oh, and the dogs love the snow.