Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

pheromones, maybe?

there was something weird in the air at the tavern last night… for a while, i was the only gal at the bar among several males. it felt kind of like i was placed into an experiment. over the course of the evening, while waiting for matt to finish his shift, i had several acquaintances grace me with their presence.
first was micah. he’s a very nice guy who uses only his bike for transportation. we share a taste in electronic music and he usually passes album titles and artists my way. last night, he had his ipod with him and wanted me to check out some beats.
then, angry tom wanted me to teach him everything i know about iphones, cellular service providers, the internet, craigslist*, and the kansas-nebraska act.
we call him angry tom because he gets quite adamant when in discussions… even if he agrees with you. he also appears to own 10 or more of those shirts.
tom left after i told him i wouldn’t read the kansas-nebraska act to him and i also wasn’t going to let him hold my phone.
then casey showed up. i’ve known casey for several years; he used to cut my friend kelli’s hair about 10 years ago. he’s got what i call a *big* personality which is great in small doses. anyway, he called me sugar, ordered two beers and a shot for myself and him.
more and more people petered in, including a wilson’s regular, loud karl! we were happy to see him at our bar and he slid over to chat. he told a story about a girl he had was seeing forever ago who took a crowbar to his nice diesel mercedes…
finally, matt’s shift was complete, and there was actually an empty stool next to yours truly.
*one bit of hilarity that i didn’t want to ruin the comic with: tom’s wife told him that there weren’t jobs on craigslist. that people just use it to sell and trade stuff… even sometimes sex!