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there are a handful of new restaurants opening up over here by work.. one of them is p.f. changs china bistro. i was enticed by the seared ahi on their appetizer menu, so mr. fly and i decide to go check it out. it was actually pretty good. i had the coconut curry vegetables and mr. fly had buddha’s delight. they bring this little tray with cups and oil dispensers and make a sauce out of yellow mustard, soy sauce, and red chili paste before you order so that it marinates. the ahi was marvelous. that is all i have to say on the matter.
everything was going great until this table of six showed up and were seated adjacent to us. they were rude, loud, and stupid; and we shared anita the waitress. the first thing the guy whose mouth was pointed at me said was, “you better be extra sweet cuz we had to wait a long time.” uhm what? whatever. it’s noon and you’re at a brand new restaurant on the west side. asshole. then it only took ~5 minutes before they started talking about me. i have a special look for people like that. as we were leaving, they were complaining about not having more white rice and soy sauce and a clean plate and can a person get any more needy?… so, i wrote on the receipt to anita, “don’t let those guys let you down <- :)" as we were leaving, the loudy got up to take our little tray of sauces because his fat ass couldn't wait two more minutes. gross. it's not like grabbing a bottle of ketchup, it's like taking a half-eaten plate of fries. i wish anita had a blog like this guy, so i could read about her version of the six-top from hell.