Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

personal day

i’m pretty sure my boss doesn’t read my blog. he hasn’t even said more than four words to me in as many days, so i highly doubt he’s internet-stalking me.
anyway, i took a personal day yesterday. it felt good to sleep in and not really *have* to do anything. but, we did. after the morning dog walk, i took matt to rocky’s. it was his first ever visit to the wisconsin-based pizza chain and a highly reminiscent one for me.
my mom and i used to go to the one off the beltline after her orthodontist appointments; she would cringe her way through a salad after having her braces tightened.
well, the salad bar is just as awesome as it was 25 years ago, and they still have that tasty chickpea-and-onion mix. the garden of eatin’ tastes exactly the same as it did 10 years ago, as do the breadsticks and marinara.
afterward, we headed to sears because i was wrongly informed by their website that they sell paint. apparently, they no longer do so at the physical locations… so i walked out empty-handed. we headed to menards to get paint and paint supplies. matt also kindly picked up a bird feeder and some cardinal mix. he affixed it to the deck outside the kitchen window, so hopefully we’ll get some feathered friends to feed and watch. i’d have to say this is probably the first time the deck on that side has been of any use other than grill storage.
the neatest part of the day happened at klein’s greenhouse where we accumulated a number of new plants. we got a string of pearls, a string of hearts, a cypress tree, an african violet, some lavender, and a weird little succulent that looks like a butt.
all of these things are making the house feel more like both of ours. i hope.