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i’ve got a good start on the outline for whatever it is i think i’m writing. i’m having trouble with what i will use to discern time periods. clearly, age is a good choice, but before graduating high school, age is less important than grade (especially since i added a new year on the ass-end of the school year). then, after graduation, i’m not sure if my time delineation should be based on boyfriend or living space. in some cases, it might be easier to stick to the address :x

i’m sure i’ll skip around a bit, and have to go back in time to add more detail, or take some out. i don’t think my ipad is going to suffice for the majority of the authoring, but i’m starting there, since i always have it with me.

as of today, i’m 10% behind the total required words. i’m not going to be too harsh, though, since it’s like going from 0 to 60 as far as any amount of actual writing is concerned. i think the last time i wrote anything resembling a story was in 4th grade; i recall writing a short horror story about a renegade cuisinart.