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out of character, sort of

i’m not usually a letter-writer… you know, the kind of american consumer who writes complaints to companies for whatever reason i can think of to yell at the ceo for whatever bonehead decision they made; but today is different. i just got the following message from my isp:

Beginning in December, the price of your Internet service is increasing $3/mo. If you decide to cancel your service, you will not incur any early termination fees.
If you have any questions, call 1-800-xxx-xxxx.
Thank you for being our customer.

to which they’re getting in response:

while i understand the business need to generate income, this note comes almost completely devoid of the desire to keep the current customers that you have.
i’m sure longevity doesn’t really matter to whomever is going to read my email, but i’ve been a customer for fifteen years, paying quite a bit more for internet service than i think i should have to because it is a local company and hasn’t quite gotten to the point of being a huge, greedy corporation.
a few months ago, the hardware you provide me failed and i was shipped a new wireless router without being told of the $2.95 monthly fee after having used your wireless hardware for years; and now i’m being told of another increase without any realized benefit to me. will you have fewer outages? will you provide faster speeds at the same cost? will i not have to reset my $2.95/month router every other week?
and no, i’m not really complaining about $2.95 wireless gateway rental or $3 increase in service; i’m just concerned with the apparent lack of empathy toward your customers.
this communication will having me considering a switch to another service provider.