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the woman who read my animal totem put out an educational video recently, specifically for the animal spirits she’s identified, and it contained stones with healing properties.
the opal is for clarity of communication, quartz is for clarity of vision and the heart chakra, carnelian helps the speaking voice and is for the sacral chakra, labradorite is for the crown and brow chakra, obsidian and flourite are for things that i didn’t take good notes about, and pyrite is to protect against negative vibration and to see beyond façades.
note to self: rewatch the video.
so, we went to burnie’s rock shop this weekend to look for some stones, and here’s what i ended up with!
unfortunately, this opal caught my eye and i asked to see how much it is… my heart kind sunk a little when the price tag said $215.
i’ll be saving up for it.