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we’ve been slacking… ever since we “graduated” from the c25k program, we haven’t run once. mostly because it’s been so hot that it would be dangerous, but secondarily because we really weren’t enjoying it *that* much (i don’t think). now that it’s cooled down a bit, i’d like to get back to it. tomorrow would be a good day to start back up. we should probably rewind a couple weeks in the program in order to ease back into it, don’t you think?
in other house related news, a high school (boy)friend of mine has been over a couple times to look at some electrical problems. i don’t know what genius wired the upstairs, but it was probably the same idiot who did the plumbing for the kitchen. don’t get me started on that.
i actually felt kinda like running last night, after a pretty crappy day at work, but it’s hard to motivate oneself.