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the february challenge has been going well, i think. i haven’t felt so lazy that cutting up some veggies or heating some beans and tortillas sounds impossible.

we’ve had a couple unsuccessful meals on our together nights, but for the most part, i’ve been able to find tasty stuff to make. on saturday, we stopped at jeni st and i got a tuna steak in order to try out gwenyth paltrow’s warm niçoise salad. i also picked up some tilapia for sunday night, which i pan fried in a panko coating.

yesterday was supposed to be taco monday, but matt didn’t get home until 7:30 and one of my rules is that i can’t eat after 8pm because there’s not enough time between eating and sleeping for the calories to find their usefulness so they turn to sugars and fats (this is my non-sensical science). so, i made a personal pizza using pita as the crust.

all in all, it’s been good (i almost typed ‘food’). i do fear, however, that the folks at burrito drive will worry that something is wrong with me since they haven’t heard from me.