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old stuff

i used to have a lot more content outside of the blog, but i stopped linking to it cuz it was just too old and pointless. i’m not a designer anymore. but i’m going to post some of the pieces from my (over 5 year old) portfolio anyhow.
book cover series:
redesigned layout of some of my favorite vegetarian meals (at the time):
guache painting incorporated into a layout:
package design “because only one ever breaks”:
this one won a gold addy award, if you can believe it:
sheepinand the one i am most proud of, cuz i get to see it every day, even tho it sucks (design-wise):
these didn’t make it into my portfolio..
cool logo:
great taste of the midwest beer festival came to one of our classes to get a free logo designed and this was mine:
i just thought it was a cool idea:

more random old stuff:

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