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ok i promise

this won’t turn into a jonesy-blog, but i don’t know how much time he’s gunna afford me to knit.. luckily it’s almost summer.
so i took him out at least every 45 minutes yesterday; during which time he didn’t pee. once. so, kurt got home after work and he finally peed. he’s picked a favorite spot outside the front door, which is handy. after a while, i had to go to bed.
kurt woke me up at 2:45 to tell me we’d had a little accident in front of the tv, and where are the puppy pads? well, this one was only paper trained, and puppy pads aren’t quite the same. so we thought it would be nice to have him come to bed.. as he was getting comfy, he peed. :/ so kurt yelled and i took him out and he made his last tinkle of the night. he wouldn’t come back into the bed, so i laid on the couch with him (we were extremely worried that he’d poop in the house, since it’s a little puppy-like, and he hadn’t pooped since 6pm). aside from him laying on me all night, it wasn’t too bad. i’m dog-tired though.
this a.m., he surprised me by scratching on the door, being taken out, and almost immediately finding a place to end the digestive process. he sure is lucky he’s so dang cute.