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so, things come in threes, right?
at the beginning of the month, i applied for a different position at work. one which will afford me the time (hopefully) to learn some skills that i really should have known to carry my current title, but was never afforded the opportunity to grasp; today i learned that i got the job. it’s good news, really, but i’m kinda weird about praise (or compliments of any kind… not sure why; i’m working on it though), so it’s actually hard for me to believe that i got it. matter of fact, it was taking so long for the bureaucratic part of it to get worked out that i had convinced myself that they were just waiting to figure out how to tell me that i didn’t get it.
also, this morning, the company also learned that we are, in fact, getting bonuses this year. it’s always been rumor that we won’t, right up until the biggest lady in charge tells us that we are.
and, i finally saw a house on the internets that i want to go see. to you homeowners, this might seem like a silly thing to get giddy, excited, nervous, weirded out about… but to me, it’s a strange, new adventure that hadn’t even occurred to me until 6 months ago. so cut me some slack.
things are certainly turning up bekee, and i’m uneasy about it. it’s the pessimistic optimist in me.