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oh no!

mercury is in retrograde again!
i’ve been smoke-free at work for 2 days; going on a third. when at home, i have a couple or three. but that’s it. i also removed one of my two tongue piercings (the one i got when i was 16, at the le chateau co-op by a completely unprofessional woman and my tongue swelled all the way down my throat and mom begged me to take it out but i wouldn’t cuz it hurt so bad and i didn’t want to have to go through it again). turns out, if it had been done correctly, it wouldn’t have hurt or swelled nearly as bad. at least my professionaly-done one wasn’t even close to being as painful. no one’s gunna notice that it’s gone, though it’s given me a bit of a lisp.
i finally got the yarn from webs yesterday. all but one skein (they didn’t have the color), so i’ve started on liz’s bittens. speaking of yarn, i got an email from some italian guy who came across my blog. says he works at a yarn factory in italy which manufactures cashmere. he wants to send me a sample and have me explain what knitting rings are because he’s surprised at the sheer number of americans that are so into hand knitting. i think i can give him a little info, but i don’t need an overseas penpal. unless he gives me free yarn. :)
oh, and look at this!