Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

nice weekend

on friday, we packed the dogs up to stay at my mum’s while matt and i took off up north for the night. his brother had planned a little shindig and it seemed like a good time to hand out holiday gifts. the nephews loved their light-up moon and insisted on taking it to grandma and grandpa’s (where they stayed) for the night.
the next day, we visited with matt’s parents for a bit and then went to see his grandma (who’s in a nursing home now). she was a sweetie. she tried to give us a bag of sugar packets that she had collected from the lunch room… it makes me wonder what kind of quirky things we’ll do when we’re 90 that are reminiscent of the times in which we grew up.
on sunday, i slept way in again… took the dogs on a long walk, headed to woodman’s, made some lunch, and worked on some knitting while watching the office. that show cracks me up.
here’s nora after the walk: