Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

nice long weekend

i had friday off, so we slept in. after a nice dog walky, we headed to do some errands. i had a couple three-year-old gift cards for sears, so we went there in search of soil for our tomato plants; needless to say, they don’t sell dirt. so we ended up with a cork dartboard and some other sundries.
we employed the use of our new rain pants on saturday; without them, i would have been quite ornery.
sunday was pretty low-key, at least for me. matt was very busy at the tavern, and even though he and his co-worker have an early/late shift deal, he still didn’t get done until after 5.
i made another successful batch of seitan, and used quinoa for the first time… i’ve learned better how not to make twelve people’s worth of food every sunday, so as not to waste it all.
we also watched a lot of deadwood.