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nice holiday

after dropping off the fuzzies at gramma’s (now known as “scramble!”), we got to matt’s folks around 1, an hour before scheduled dinner. they do things very differently from our family… in the moen clan, everyone brings some sort of appetizer or beverage, and we all stand around chatting, eating, and drinking for a couple of hours. then, when someone decides it’s time to eat, the meat and fixin’s get set up on the counter and everyone walks around filling a plate (or two!). at the schweiger household, no eating happens until it’s time. i was not prepared for this method; i was starving. but, everyone enjoyed our squash. oliver even announced, “i like squash now!”
we then played uno attack until matt finally said he was tired of it. i went to bed around 10:30 and he and his sister stayed up til about 3. i woke up around 7 and dozed on and off til about 10, the spare bedroom is on the sunrise side of the house… i stirred and matt woke, and he made us scrambled eggs and we chatted some more about the roll-top desk that his mom wants to give to matt, and some bookshelves that would most certainly not fit in my trunk.
the dogs were very excited to see us… we eventually got home and headed out on our bikes after too many hours sitting in a car.
the night ended with us knitting, watching breaking bad, and me being very tired.
we met up with some friends on saturday for brunch at mickey’s. the weather wasn’t really cooperating with a bike ride, but we took to it on two wheels anyway. after we got home, i had no intention on biking to woodman’s in the drizzle; so we hopped in the car and i was happy for the decision. the place was desolate. i’d like to think it’s that way every saturday at 5pm, but i think it’s just cuz everyone had their leftovers to plow through.
sunday, matt went to work and i slept in… even tho i have the bed (mostly) to myself, it’s hard to enjoy it with him gone for work at 7 am. i imagine that’s how he feels every weekday morning.
the day went along as per usual, and we came home to watch some more breaking bad. i got mad at a scarf and cut it from the skein. maybe matt will pity my foolishness and fix it for me. :)