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we replaced the front doorknob a couple months ago and the back doorknob just gave out. so, i had to leave work a little early to stop by ace before they closed at 5:30. i called to make sure they had what i needed, and when i walked in, the nice man asked what i was looking for, and i yelled, “doorknob!” not thinking that he might just assume i was calling him names.

after sweating up and down the aisle, i picked out the item and walked to the front. the gal saw my helmet and asked if i had a bike benefits sticker. i lamented that i did not, and now i do. apparently one gets discounts on all sorts of things if they have this sticker on their helmet.

now we’ll have a combination of three keys to get into the house. matt says it’s more secure, i say it’ll be a pain.

i also learned that my fixed gear (which isn’t actually fixed because i ride on the free-wheel hub) is called a whip. kids these days.