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i’ve been posting a lot of food pics on facebook in an attempt to bring it back to the “boring social media” of food and dog pics, instead of political arguments and neighborhood groups taking pot shots at each other.

after one such post, my aunt suggested that i start a food blog. immediately, my mind went to, “but what would be the best domain name?” instead of, “could i really pull that off? how would that even work since i’m making other people’s food.”

well, i found a domain name, and have a rough sketch of a plan to get things started. i will be mostly showcasing recipes that i love from authors that i adore, sharing my modifications but always giving credit to the original post/book/blog.

i think it will also give me the opportunity to show friends that they can make food, too! it doesn’t have to be as arduous as some folks think it is, and i’ll even share my follies if i ever have them ;)

once i get the site up and have a few recipes queued, i’ll post the url here.