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i got my denise kit over two years ago and haven’t look to my straight needles but once (i used the honkin’ 19s for a scarf) since. i love the ability to change needle sizes quickly, to use them for working in the round (if you can’t do rounds on two long circs, you don’t know what you’re missing.. i recommend cat bordhi’s socks soar on two circular needles). well, i was working on the strawberry fruit cap, sliding the yarn around the smallest, workable circ (it’s 17″ , the pattern called for 16″, so it was tight) and the #5 tip snapped right at the point in which the cable keeps its place. thankfully the kit is under a lifetime warranty and all i had to do was email them and ask if i should send the broken tip back (as recommended in their faq) or if an email request would suffice? someone got back to me right away to apologize, and offered to send a new tip immediately. how great!
i also ordered yarn for a retro throw from knitpicks. fortunately for them, i think the only reason i was drawn to this item are it’s colors.