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after having this blog for over 15 years, you’d think i would have learned a thing or two about how difficult it is to keep it up. or make time for it.

i’ve written quite a few posts to the food blog, and have about five in draft mode, waiting for me to sit down and write. the posts about “original” recipes take the longest, clocking in around 3 hours. the ones about other people’s recipes are only a little shorter because i don’t have to write the actual recipe card content, but still 2-2.5. the reviews (there’s only one) and how-tos (also one) are the quickest. i think i busted out the avocado one last night in 20 minutes.

in addition to getting posts ready are the photos. i had started eyeing DSLR cameras and checking out the forreal food bloggers for their recommendations, but their cameras are in the 1.5-2k range. i cannot drop that much on a camera. but, i told myself, i could drop that much on a new iphone! so i treated myself to the iphone xr this past weekend (it’s 1k over 30 months) and the camera is amazeballs.

i can’t wait to upload pics of dinner tonight for a sixth article-in-the-wait!