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more randomness

jones is doing great; and so are we. kurt was getting a little give-uppy after the sunday night incident, but i think i was able to convince him that all three of us will improve. so far, so good. though, he’s still not lifting his leg to pee, which means trees are out of the question.. but he seems intrigued by the idea.
work’s not going so well.. i try to be generally vague when mentioning work, cuz people there read this. but this thing is really bugging me. this huge project that was supposed to keep me busy through the middle of the year, and subsequently why they “cleared my plate” of almost all other things, has been moved to september; leaving me with little to do over a longer period of time; so i’m feeling pretty useless.
still waiting for the replacement needles. i don’t think the shipment went out yet. jesse wants another fruit hat for a friend’s newborn.. this time, strawberry. i have to go find some red cotton yarn. they don’t recommend acrylic for little ones. oh, also, when i got my spinning wheel (which is still collecting dust; leave me alone), the woman included a niddy-noddy.. a not-so-stellar one, but one nonetheless. jones decided, last night during the 2 hours that the two of us were at work, to chew up one end, rendering it useless.
hm, i see a pattern here.