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mom’s doing fine.

i talked to her this a.m. and she sounded more chipper than i had expected. the powerful wrist protection went to a very deserving recipient. we talked about my viral marketing. friends get one, not too hard to do, knitted good for free. and then they keep coming back for more. see? i’m not the only one who gets addicted. i’m skipping over some of my holiday orders and started working on a poncho for mom. it’s at least something that doesn’t have arm holes, so she won’t have to stretch to get it on, and she probably won’t need a whole lot of help getting it over her head. it’s being worked as two 15″x30″ rectangles which will be folded and sewn together. one of the many great patterns from knitting pretty; my first-ever knitting pattern book, and one which i have used over 20 times for various references and stitch patterns. yay for the knit!