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moar pics!

when the blog gets scarce, i try to dump my appropriate phone pics for posterity’s sake.
burnie adopted my robe as her own after she got out of quarantine, and i have only been able to wear it a couple of times since:
apparently, she’s also convinced alex that the humans have no need for warmth:
martin was bothering me on the couch, and i never realized what that little three-circle icon was on my phone, so i snapped a filtered photo, as the cool kids do:
also, nero can’t seem to leave me along on the couch either. here’s a cute pic of him trying to sniff the phone:
you would think that i’m a cat person, but i just have cats.
also, myself and my car hit a milestone this past monday.
i’ve never had a car with this many miles on it. i’m not sure whether to be happy that it’s lasted this long (since i still have a loan out on it).