Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.


i’m trying really hard not to comment on this, but *every* *month* it amazes me how it’s more than half over already.
we finally got the mattress out of the front room. someone at work had a house fire over the holiday and needed a bed for their new apartment. now we just have to move the appropriate hard surfaces and organize fabrics and yarn. this might also lead to a more organized basement… we’ll see. we moved the inversion table downstairs and it’s right next to the litter boxes; i’d like to put it somewhere else once there’s room.
we’re having a couple guests this weekend. hopefully the weather cooperates with their drive from chicago. unlucky timing with getting rid of the mattress, but we have plenty of blankets to simulate a camping experience. at some point, we should get an air mattress for occasions such as this.
we’ve finally reached a wisconsin winter. there’s snow on the ground, and my car tells me it’s “icy 4°” in the morning. i’m still toying with the idea of getting a remote starter, but it feels like a first world problem to solve and it makes me feel wasteful.