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merry xmas!

we went to denny’s for breakfast this morning. our waitress was incredibly slammed and incredibly cheerful about the whole thing. our bill was almost $20 (i got the moons over myhammy without ham and a large oj). kurt left a $10 tip.
he’s gotta work tonight from 8-close and doesn’t think any of the other bartenders are coming in; so i might have to help barback, which i did once before way back when we were new. except i don’t know how to make most drinks, so i’ll probably just get ice and wash glasses… maybe it’ll be really slow and he won’t need me. i don’t know if i can stay up til 2 in the morning :/
p.s., joe is, very kindly, letting me borrow his laptop until tonight and then again next weekend (cuz i’ll need it for work).