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my choices for the vet yesterday were 11a or 2p. since i have a standing 10-11 work meeting, i had to choose 2. this meant i worked from home again, which meant i also needed to consider my mental health for the evening because being in the house all day and night makes jill a dull girl.

so, $180 later, we got home with oral pain meds, oral antibiotics, and a topical cleaning cream. we also get to go back for a checkup on saturday (along with jones’ annual once-over), which will probably be another $200. i might need to start a secondary interest-bearing checking account to save up for our annual visits along with any other issues that they’ll get themselves into.

she’s looking better but i don’t want to put the cone on her because it makes her look sad and miserable. so, hopefully i don’t find that she’s been licking it all day when i get home.