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mediterranean is the answer

yesterday, lunch was the rest of my hummus (which keeps an amazingly long time in an airtight container) with crunchy veggies. i had forgotten my afternoon apple, so i was excited for dinner with an old friend.

i was going to pick the green owlĀ to make it easy for me, but then remembered the awesomeness that is dobhan‘sĀ dalĀ and theirĀ masala dosa*. add to that some yummy seitan curry, and i was a happily full camper on my way home.

thankfully for the dosas, i didn’t finish my entree so i have lunch for today!

i’m a little concerned about the weekend meals, since my schedule doesn’t get to be so rigid, and i haven’t quite figured out what breakfast will beĀ since i usually default to eggs or an egg sandwich.

i’m sure i’llĀ make do.

since i’mĀ noodling over what’s for lunches next week, i think i’ll make and start to perfect my own dal. with jasmine rice on the side, of course.

a side note: even though it’s probably technically impossibleĀ to have lost weight already, i kinda feel like i have. i don’t use a scale, but i do use the fact that i’ve been in this body for 39 years and have a pretty good idea of when it’s puffy and when it’s not.

*this morning, i realized that the crepe wrapping the potatoes might have contained ghee, but the recipes i’veĀ found online indicate that vegetable oil will usually be used, so i’m telling myself that’s how it was.