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made it

well, i made it to today. it didn’t feel like i would for a while there. the feeling i keep coming back to is that of betrayal. having the faith that you’re with a lifetime partner and that disappearing is the embarrassing thought that overwhelms me, and the frustrating notion that follows is whether or not i’ll find or even trust someone else to be with. what if i don’t?

anyway, it wouldn’t be birthday week without a project, since i can’t just relax and do vacation stuff. i prepped the stairs on saturday with the intention of priming them yesterday while merle was at the vet, but we know now how that went.

i had to cut in a lot, thankfully i had a good teacher when i bought the house. that took a little over an hour, so i hooked up the fan and had lunch.

after it was clearly dry, i busted out the roller and covered the rest of the blue. it didn’t coat as well as i would like, so i think i’m going to need to touch up the risers at least, since the treads are going to be mostly covered with carpet, i don’t have much concern with the coverage on them except for 2-3″ on either edge.

this afternoon, i have a dentist appointment and then am meeting a couple of friends at “the mezz”, which is the bar inside of festival foods. since there’s not much time between now and the dentist, i think i’ll apply the actual paint tomorrow.