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i was reviewing the private video from emilie where she featured her totemic tools and rituals of shamanism, and was reminded how very focused she is on playing. having fun. being with nature.
and i thought about how my anchor totem animal is a peacock and how i used to be colorful and bright and loud and funny, and i don’t feel like those things as often anymore. i thought about the words she used in my reading, “When the Peacock appears as your totem, it marks the birth of a new life for you…” and i wonder what that means.
i know it doesn’t mean that something amazing is just going to happen to me to change the things i don’t like about myself, my job, or my past. i think it means that i should and can change my future, and appreciate the things i do like about myself, and enjoy the things i enjoy, and share the things i can.
i need to find a way to do the things i like/love to do more often.
all this is to say that i want to understand more about my totem(s) and shamanism and healing rocks. these seem like healthy places to begin my birth of a new life.