Please note: these are all personal blog posts dating back a million years.

long time, sorry

i woke up last sunday with what i thought was a uti, but after a visit to dean urgent care, i was diagnosed with a bladder infection. past experience has alerted me to my allergy to penicillin, so i’ve avoided that pretty easily. they sent me home with a ‘scrip for nitrofurantoin, which i took mostly diligently all week. my last pill spilled over into the 8th day cuz i got lazy…
sunday night, i was radiating such heat and shivering at the same time that i thought i had caught some flu bug and called in sick to work. later, upon waking in daylight, i noticed all of my tattoos had swollen and the skin around them had turned red. there were also hives all over my legs.
a trip to walgreen’s for benadryl (why i don’t keep any in the house at all times, i have no idea) and a 3 hour nap later, i was still pretty out of it but way less itchy.
i’m back at work today, but my brain isn’t. i’d much prefer to be in the comfort of my bed.