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long bday week

we started the week off cleaning the house on saturday. i mopped the kitchen floor for the first time in an embarrassingly long time while matt cleaned the living room and cat boxes.
sunday was a regular sunday… matt had to work and i brunched as per usual.
monday, matt had to do books and work his regular shift, so i made a couple batches of booch and took a nap so i could hang out later than usual.
tuesday, we went to mickey’s for and killed some time there, then went downtown to takara for dinner. the host, peter, seemed to take a liking to matt (this is relevant for later).
wednesday, i wanted a portabella sandwich from the harmony, but it was pouring rain… so we went anyway. i dug my hunter-orange raincoat out of the closet and we donned our rain pants and set off. after lunch, we went to wilson’s before matt had to work (the drinks are much cheaper there!), i went home and took another nap (these are getting quite popular) and when i woke, i had a craving for tex tubb’s and thought i’d give it another try. i hoped that they didn’t know who i was, but everything went swimmingly!
thursday, i started getting a cold. scratchy throat and congestion… we didn’t do much to note.
friday, mom grabbed us from mickey’s and we went back to takara for lunch! peter greeted us and remembered matt and was very nice. the waitress was weird, tho. we were home by 6 and tried to get a fire going, but everything was too wet.
saturday, matt had to make bloody mix cuz, so he let me sleep in a little and i caught up with him later.
sunday was a regular sunday.
and now i have to go back to work. :/