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over the weekend, people asked how i felt, or how the apartment was without george. i said it was much quieter. which is funny because beardies don’t make noise.
haven’t found a local store that sells the spinning wheel that i want.. i also don’t know how much raw wool cleaning i’m up for. it sounds like more work than it’s worth. i could just buy predyed (or white) roving and pay for convenience.
anywho, i might have to order a wheel on the online. i’m partial to the ashford kiwi, mostly cuz it’s the least expensive (without being almost useless). i have to check and see how much shipping is, and what their return policy is (in case this wheel doesn’t get along with me).
got some new cds yesterday to fill up bip2. tom petty & the heartbreakers greatest hits, best of the talking heads, and the new pornographers electric version.