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lazy weekend, hopefully

during my mid-sleep trip to the bathroom, i remarked that i could feel more of my foot than i’ve been able to in the last few months. and my butt muscle is hurting again, so it seems like it’s reverting back to normal? we’ll see.
we don’t have a whole lot to do this weekend… i want to finish up the coop roof (it needs the flashing put on), and maybe install some brackets on our new bracketless shelf so i can put more than 10 cookbooks on it. no where on the packaging did it give the weight limit; we had to open it and read the instructions. it’s probably why there was one on the shelf that was returned.
we’re going to my cousin’s high school graduation on saturday. i hemmed and hawed over what to get her; and i’ve decided on a gift cert/card to half-priced books. and if she hates it, she can sell it to her mom.