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lazy dayz

This weekend was kinda uneventful… I was TurboFun Bekee on Friday night, but that had a severe, adverse affect to my ability to be functional on Saturday. I slept in til 1 and missed the peace rally downtown. I’m a turd for that. Sunday was spent at breakfast (per usual) with friends and family, grocery shopping, picking up some more yarn and needles, and watching the boys play shoot ’em up games while I added another 2 feet to the scarf. I use bamboo needles, and the only thing I don’t like about them compared to the classic metal knitting needles, is that they don’t make the clicky noise to indicate to passerbys that you’re knitting you arse off. Anyhow, with the scarf almost finished, Kurt has put in a request for a beanie hat. I have a feeling the hat is a little too advanced for me at this stage, so I might do that and another scarf at the same time. Thanks, I’ll be here all week.