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it’s strange

almost every january, after being off work for a week+ i usually get this feeling that i want to toss my computers and leave them behind. coincidentally, i’ve not had a working pc in a week and a half and it hasn’t bothered me that much (except for the fact that i’m going to need to allocate ~$500 for a new laptop—for starters).
we (or at least i) do need a device on which to watch movies… the ipad is good for close-up and in bed viewing, but it’s just a little too small to set on the coffee table and knit. plus, the ipad doesn’t play dvds. i think i have it narrowed down to another toshiba (i didn’t have a single thing go wrong until november of last year—making it almost exactly five years old), and a much wider screen… i just don’t know if i’m willing to go intel since i like amd.
here are the ones i’m comparing right now, but i’ll probably change my mind in two minutes.
yea, i think i’m gunna get this one.