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it’s bleepin’ hot!

i can’t even take a 2 day vacation without coming back to 6,000 things that are “due right now”. sometimes i wonder what would happen if i just said, “sorry. won’t do it anymore. here’s my 2 weeks.” the problem with that is, the team of wonderful people with whom i work would be f*cked for a little while. they’re not the problem here. the problem here is all the people that don’t know anything about their own $80,000,000 a yr. website but expect miracles from a 7 person team. okay. that’s quite enough about work. the vacation was really nice. it was nice to not have to get up, it was nice to gamble a bit. kurt took lots of pictures, so i’ll have some to post, soon. since almost everyone on the boat was over 60, i got carded every single time we went on. the ferrets were pretty toasty when we got home, but they wouldn’t stop playing since they’d been caged for 2 days. kurt’s attempting to put the a/c in right now. we’ll see how well that goes.